Tips for decorating your home 

When it comes to styling your room or home there are lots of questions to be asked. Our throws have the ability to complete the look of your space. Obviously, this is a personal opinion when it comes to choosing the right rug for your space. However, we have some great tips for you.


Colour scheme

Use your favourite rug as the basis of your colour scheme. For example, the Blush throw rug has been matched with the paintings in the room which gives a nice neutral summer feel to the space.


Seasonal changes

Changing out rugs to make your room 'seasonal' is important to keep your room looking on trend. Lighter more neutral tones can be used to style your home during springs or summer. For example, the Sunset rug is perfect to brighten up your bedroom. 


Using the rug as a prop

A perfect way to showcase your beautiful rug is to hang it on a hook or somewhere obvious in your home. This way you will never forget it when your leaving the house. Plus, it looks amazing as home decor.


Using your rug for flooring

You can bring excitement to your flooring by adding a colourful throw. It brings warmness to your room, softness to your feet and can create the perfect coastal or country vibe in your home. This will create a comfortable space for your family home. As shown in the image a beautiful family playing with toys.


Van life

Travelling in a van or 4wd set up means you need comfort. Our throws will give you exactly that. They can be used on your bed, under feet outdoors or wrapped around you for warmth on those cold winter nights. Our rugs make it super easy to shake off sand and easy to fold away in your cupboard.


July 01, 2022 — Amy O'Reilly