Can I return my swimwear if the size doesn’t fit me?

Yes, you can return for a store credit only. All tags and original packaging must be returned with the product within 7 days of receiving the item.

(There is a non refundable fee of $12 for order due to our warehouse fees, staff fees and extra shipping cost per parcel). Thank you for understanding.

What makes your rugs sustainable?

Our rugs are made from sustainable 100% recycled materials such as left over clothing pieces. Additionally, we are committed to fair labor practices, ensuring that our rugs are ethically made by workers who are paid a fair wage and treated with respect.

Are your rugs ethically made?

Yes, we are committed to fair labor practices and ensure that our rugs are ethically made by workers who are paid a fair wage and treated with respect. We regularly conduct audits of our suppliers to ensure that they comply with our standards.

How do I care for my rugs and swimwear?

Only wash on cold delicate mode or hand wash your items. Hang to dry always.

Where does Sunni Scenes ship from?

Melbourne VIC. We ship everyday before 12pm.

 Do you have any sales coming up soon?

Keep an eye out for sales through our instagram page. We also send out alerts via email. Sign up to our email subscription to be notified.

Which countries do you ship too?

Australia and NZ. We are an Australian Business.

My product is faulty can I get a refund?

If your product is faulty upon arrival please send an image within 2 days of receiving your parcel so we can investigate the problem.

Can I recycle or repurpose the rug when it has reached the end of its life?

Yes, when the rug has reached the end of its life, it can be recycled or repurposed. We encourage our customers to consider the end of life of the product and find ways to recycle or repurpose it, such as cutting it up and using it as door mat, or even making a bag from it. Our rugs usually last up to 10 years if looked after correctly.

Are your rugs reversible?

Yes, all of our throw rugs and full pieces are reversible meaning you get two patterns in the one product. Its like a 2 for one deal.

Does your reversible swimwear have padding?

No it doesn’t. However, our swimwear is thick due to it being reversible. I dont believe you need padding in our swimwear.

How do I use the rug strap?

There are tow small circles on the end of the rug strap. That needs to be threaded through to create the rug strap effect. Please refer to the images on our website for further instructions.