Why Sunni Scenes

Sunni Scenes is an eco-friendly brand that is dedicated to reducing its impact on the environment and promoting sustainable practices. One way that Sunni Scenes is eco-friendly is by using sustainable materials in our rugs. By using these materials, we are able to reduce the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides in production and minimise the environmental impact.

Another way that Sunni Scenes is eco-friendly is by using sustainable manufacturing practices. This includes using renewable energy sources in production, implementing recycling and composting programs, and minimising waste. This helps to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve resources for future generations.

Additionally, Sunni Scenes is dedicated to fair labor practices, we ensure that our products are ethically made by workers who are paid a fair wage and treated with respect.

Sunni Scenes also actively engages in environmental and social initiatives, we also educate our customers on sustainable practices, and encourage them to reduce their own impact on the environment. Overall, by committing to sustainable practices and materials, Sunni Scenes is able to minimise its environmental impact and promote sustainable living.

Recyclable packaging

All of our packaging is completely recyclable and environmentally friendly. Compostable materials are an important part of our journey here at Sunni Scenes and we are continuously working towards reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a sustainable future. Thank you for supporting a business who supports our environment.

Whats next for Sunni Scenes?

Sunni Scenes is focusing more on sustainable practices and will continue to work on ethical and fair working conditions. We look forward to introducing more sustainable materials and products as Sunni Scenes continues to grow.