Gift a Picnic Rug


  1. Outdoor Adventures: They will enhance fun picnic experiences, beach trips, camping, and markets, providing a comfortable and sitting area.
  2. Social Gatherings: Picnic rugs are perfect for gatherings with friends and family. They create a designated and comfortable space for people to sit, chat, and enjoy each other's company during outdoor events like barbecues, birthday parties, or family reunions.
  3. Practicality: A picnic rug is a practical gift that can be used regularly. It's an item that many people might not think to buy for themselves but will greatly appreciate having on hand for impromptu outings or planned outdoor activities.

Questions about gifts:

Can I send the parcel straight to my friend?

Yes just checkout with your friends address and use your email address. Dont stress- we dont include invoices or receipts in our parcels.

Will it be wrapped like a gift?

Yes! Our products are delivered straight to your door looking beautifully wrapped.