About Us

Founder Story

We are Amy and Elliot.

We started Sunni Scenes 3 years ago from our spare bedroom. We knew we wanted to become business owners and to work for ourselves someday, so we thought why not start a fun brand that we genuinely loved and would use the products everyday. Sunni Scenes was fueled by our shared passion for design and travel. As a young couple, we were determined to create something that truly represented our love for exploring and our style. We wanted to create a fun brand that was all about a balanced adventurous lifestyle.

For the first year, we focused on building the brand, designing products and establishing a strong online presence. Then, we decided to take a break from the daily grind (in our home town) and embark on an adventure across Australia which was a dream of ours. The ultimate road trip was just around the corner for us.

Packing up our pop top Troopy that we named Salty the Troop with all of our travel essentials (including many rugs) we hit the open road. Nothing but the coastline and remote inland tracks ahead of us. We spent two incredible years traveling, exploring the stunning landscapes, and immersing ourselves in the local culture around Australia. We build many long lasting friendships with incredible people in all towns across the country. We learnt resilience, patience, a new love for life, learnt how to find the best in the most simple things in life and truly grew so much as individuals and brand owners. 

I remember the first time we seen a lovely lady in our beautiful Reversible Swimwear. It was on a very remote beach in FNQ. I yelled out to Elliot and said ‘Look, Look, Look”. We both grinned at each other and from that moment on we knew this was totally for us. We found happiness in seeing others use our rugs and swimwear. It was like all of our hard work paid off in some ways. To this day, we are so obsessed with seeing others use Sunni Scenes products. 

Our travels across Australia served as a constant source of inspiration for Sunni Scenes. We took in everything around us, allowing the stunning scenery and local cultures to shape our vision and influence our designs. We chose beautiful blue colours from different parts of the coastline and took vibrant orange colours from places like Broome in North Western Australia. Our country is full of inspiration.  

Today, Sunni Scenes is a huge success, with fans and followers all over the country wearing and using our products. For us as founders of a beautiful business, it will always be more than just a brand - it's the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and a shared passion for design and travel. Thank you for being apart of this journey as it truly does mean the world to us. Kindest, Amy + Elliot x

Amy's Favourite Picks

Meet Amy, as a proud member of the Bungajalung Nation in Northern New South Wales. Amy's journey as an entrepreneur is deeply rooted in her indigenous heritage.

At Sunni Scenes, Amy curates not just products, but stories – each item reflecting the rich tapestry of indigenous culture. From treasures to contemporary pieces inspired by ancient traditions, Sunni Scenes is a testament to Amy's commitment to preserving and sharing her heritage.